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The limits of acceptance of work of enlarge sound sound reachs a program
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One, acceptance domain
1, the system is relevant function. For example of project of gymnasium enlarge sound muti_function applying characteristic; Advocate public broadcasting, big screen shows enlarge sound system and fire control, room of TV news analyst, training, news is released, the linkage of the system such as square enlarge sound and checkpoint runs a function. Muti_function the functional switch of theatrical enlarge sound system is characteristic; Advocate the transcribe of enlarge sound system and fire control, public broadcasting, lighting, television relay, program, signal that shows the film, technology to use room and system of internal news report exchanges a function.

2, quality of inspection system setup and safety performance.

3, the spot is smoked survey a system acoustics and characteristic index. If travel character of acoustical gain, transmission frequency, sound field inhomogenous spend and the biggest sound pressure level.

4, the static noise that examines a system. In the position that leaves rice of loudhailer box 2-3, should not hear have apparent hum and filar silk noise.

5, broadcast acoustic quality subjective assessment is special program source (GSBM 61001) have acoustic quality subjective evaluation.

Acoustics is quality of project of evaluation enlarge sound is final reflect. But systematic acoustics involves electric sound system He Jiansheng system is both reasonable cooperate. Electroacoustic system (enlarge sound project) the car that likes the travel on highway, the condition that build reputation is just as highway, if do not have the highway of good road surface, the car with best function also is to be achieved hard fast, comfortable the purpose with safe travel, in resembling the loudhailer of a best function be in bath pool, be to broadcast the sound effect that has given hard in that way. Because this is having acoustic quality before subjective evaluation, whether does the condition building reputation that should judge a room above all accord with use requirement.

Systematic acoustics can use two " rule " will measure, " rule " call guest observation to measure, another " rule " call acoustic quality subjective evaluation. Guest observation quantity is the acoustics and characteristic index that shows usable and acoustics instrument is measured, if the system transmits frequency character, sound field inhomogenous degree, definition of tone of harmony of the biggest sound pressure level, gain that transmit sound, its characteristic is to measure the acoustics character that as a result accurate, objective, available data conveys a system, but the aural result that cannot reflect person side entirely, if audio is plump,spend, downy degree, feeling of bright brightness, administrative levels, balance is spent etc. Final acoustic quality result is returned but must be differentiated by ear. The result of subjective evaluation can have acoustic quality bigger subjective sex, the age of personnel, sexual distinction, as professional as the evaluation quality, hobby and the program source that broadcast, bigger dependence concerns.
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