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Electronic product pollution is multinomial occupation standard comes on stage i
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Our country " working group of level of control of pollution of electronic information product " had published 3 relevant occupation standard, before additionally 6 standards predict to be by this year, roll out, will realize harmful material basically to be replaced mediumly and reduce an amount in electronic product at the appointed time.

According to MII economic system reform and economy run department Huang Jianzhong to introduce, the standard that has come on stage is harmful to electronic product requirement of set limit to, detect method,

Pollution controls a mark to all have specific provision. Predict to came on stage in August " general rule of environmental protection term of service " , if the regulation contains contaminant in electronic product, the enterprise must ensure its are inside term of service the discharge outside happening and mutation. Additionally 5 standards are involved solder without lead wait for content.

"The grow in quantity that international trade chafes makes product of information of our country electron exports a risk to increase. " Huang Jianzhong says, this year August, the European Union is used can the zoology of product standard changes design EuPs to dictate will formal go into effect, wait to electronic information product with can the design of the product, make, carry, use, reclaim wait for the standard requirement that raised zoology to change, this one new statement will develop generation to global electron Information Industry revolutionary influence. To this, the modes of life and relation to their environment that our country also should study to put forward to answer measure and standard of product of information of our country electron changes a requirement, make energy-saving fall the occupation standard of bad news.

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