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" sound equipment brings project of all inspection test and level "
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Sound equipment brings project of all inspection test and level
One, suitable scope:

The sound equipment of the family expenses that applies to the power supply of power source of electrified wire netting that applies for an entrance and similar and general use is safe of quality clearance book send appearance to examine reach right permissive already use " safe mark " the sampling inspection of the product.
Sound equipment is to point to GB8898 (IEC65) inside standard suitable scope, the makes by independent unit equipment of family expenses and general use and the whole set of equipment that a certain number of independent and unit combination make. Basically recording of tuner of radio, broadcast, tape recorder, tape gets stuck, phonograph of turntable, CD, card pulls OK sound box of machine, equalizer, amplifier, active, LD and V-CD CD machine.

2, examine basis and examine project

1. Use standard:

The electron of the family expenses of power supply of power source of GB8898- electrified wire netting and similar and general use and the safety of concerned equipment ask

2. Examine project:


The temperature rise below regular job requirement

The temperature rise below high temperature environment

The danger getting an electric shock below regular job requirement

Insulation requirement

Breakdown condition

Mechanical intensity

Receive the component of power source of electrified wire netting repeatedly

Yuan parts of an apparatus

Join terminal

Flexible cord is received outside

Electric join and machinery are fixed

Mechanical stability

3, sample

1, the amount sending sample when application installs complete quality clearance

2 (cover)

Power source transformer

(among them 1 not fill is sealed)

Switch node capacitor


Mains switch

Power source electrical outlet

Bring plug power supply cord

Heat up fuse-link

2. Use " safe mark " the fixed sampling amount of the product

Independent and unit equipment

Set sound facility

4, the assess of safety performance

Examine in the project if have particular unqualified, but what improve easily is OK classics appearance sends to undertake examining afresh after rectifying and reform. When examining afresh, reappear any one unqualified, sentence namely for unqualified.

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