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Manufacturer of China and foreign countries unites patent fee of DVD of standard
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On July 11 message, the blue smooth CD that playing consumptive electron fair in Qingdao association controller first refer the problem of patent fee of La Guang DVD that gets Chinese attention fully, disclose, at present the forehead of patent fee is spent had not come down certainly finally, reckon the end of the year will be firm this year. He rejects to disclose patent fee to will be returned in 5% above at the same time is 5% the following.

After the HD-DVD a group of people of same interest that heads with Toshiba first year after year today oneself announces to exit the market, la Guang DVD wins out in domain of high-definition dish machine, next generation dish machine that predict to include China inside inside course of study use technology of La Guang DVD possibly, accordingly, patent fee problem is fixed eyes upon for industry again.

14 China enterprise adds blue smooth a group of people of same interest

Produce country and sale base as the greatest dish opportunity on the world, china is the bethel in eye of a lot of businessmen, also be contention of level of high-definition dish engine at the same time advocate one of battlefield are mixed the ground of the dispute of problem of patent fee standard.

Undersecretary of this department of development of technology of pioneer of chairman of working group of China of association of blue smooth CD, Japan holds Chinese institute director concurrently loose village pure filial piety discloses, la Guang is in China advance, promotion works, begin before from two years many actually. For will blue light such good technology continues in Chinese promotion, association of blue smooth CD established Chinese working group, established China to push a group again below Chinese working group additionally.

It is reported, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in sharing 14 at present obtains the authorization of format of blue smooth CD and label, after obtaining authorization, if want to make product of La Guang DVD, can do.

Will decide patent fee this year

About patent fee problem, loose village pure filial piety expresses, patent now cost specified amount is spent had not come down certainly finally, but prospective patent fee should solve two problems that exist before:

One is to many patent pools come to enterprise collection patent fee. The 2nd problem, because very much business makes the product related DVD, among these enterprises, someone goes paying patent fee, somebody does not pay patent fee, created inequitable situation so.

Loose village pure filial piety says, establish the consideration an unified patent pool, the patent owner with main format of blue smooth CD talks things over each other, the one-stop patent accredit system that builds to unite hard, all enterprises pay patent fee, and can consider which one share our collection, which one part we not collection, reduce patent cost as far as possible.
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