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The national level such as loudhailer amplifier is held greatly south authorized
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Came 27 days on May 23, 2008, authorized meeting is in the national level such as loudhailer, microphone, amplifier acoustics institute holds Nanjing university. This second conference is authorized include " loudhailer is main function checks a method " , " direct radiate type is dynamoelectric loudhailer is general and normative " , " microphone measurement technique " , " microphone is general and normative " , " measurement technique of acoustic frequency amplifier " , " imitate program signal " with " sound system equipment interrelates. Above standard is put forward by industry of People's Republic of China and informatization ministry, standardize technical committee to put in a mouth 's charge by countrywide frequency, video and multimedia system and equipment. The standard unit that draft includes Nanjing university the 797th acoustics of academy of product quality supervision and inspection of information of electron of province of acoustics institute, Jiangsu, Beijing Inc. , country phototube Inc. and favour of Shenzhen city a person of extraordinary powers are electroacoustic limited company of science and technology.

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