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Noisy result puts brief analyse Che Zaiyin and of loudhailer match
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Car acoustics needs to choose meticulously to undertake ability gets first-rate result matching between all sorts of equipment.

With car acoustics medium power amplifier and loudhailer are exemple, both accomplishs impedance to match only, power matchs, the safety that working frequency matchs ability to assure equipment moves and send the potential with the greatest disinter adequately.

[Impedance matchs]

Cast as dry as a chip academic knowledge, simple explanation is power amplifier can bear the loudhailer of certain limits impedance. Receive only in result the loudhailer impedance that puts is inside this limits, safety of power amplifier ability works and offer optimal power to output!

The power amplifier of different type can susceptive impedance is different. For example: The rated impedance that result of series of MRV of A Er clique puts is 4 ohm (every 4 ohmic) , the rated impedance that MRD series result puts is 2 ohm.

[Power matchs]

When we are undertaking power matchs, must clear up above all normally nominal two kinds of index of power: Most high-power and output power continuously (RMS) .

The power amplifier that has a lot of brands and loudhailer are used to most the actor bad of high-power judge equipment. Actually this is very unscientific judge method. Most of high-power nominal it is to take no account of lack fidelity circumstance to fall, equipment is in extremely short time (have a few millisecond only normally) inside the power worth when producing physical attaint or electric damage.

Output power continuously (RMS) is to be in do not produce lack fidelity circumstance to fall, can stabilize working power continuously. Only this numeric ability reflects the working condition of equipment truly.

The power that the main factor that normally a lot of people may bring about loudhailer coil burn down is power amplifier causes greatly than loudhailer. When undertaking equipment matchs so, the power that is used to loudhailer is compared result those who put is big. This is a very common error!

Actually, result the put abidance that outputs power worth to be less than loudhailer continuously outputs what power just brings about loudhailer the most easily to destroy. Because if result put abidance outputs power 100W, the abidance of loudhailer outputs power 200W. After link system, once adjust volume knob, when outputting power to be controlled in 100W, power amplifier has been in condition of full load movement. And loudhailer still has a lot of surplus, once the user continues to increase volume, at that time the abidance that outputted power to exceed power amplifier exports power worth, namely lack fidelity the hour that begins generation! This kind lack fidelity be called " cut wave is lack fidelity " , be called inside professional acoustics industry " loudhailer killer " . This kind misses true signal, although power is very little,also can produce the telegraphic number of similar dc, very easily can the coil of burn down loudhailer! To a loudhailer that outputs power 200W continuously, lack fidelity rate is the 150W telecommunication of 50% the 300W signal with more lack fidelity than notting have date is more terrible!
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