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The man in amplifier of low frequency power kind power amplifier principle
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In amplifier of low frequency power, one kind calls man kind power amplifier, this kind of amplifier calls switch power amplifier again, there is person again now it is digital power amplifier (the suspicion that I think to have hype) . It uses the character of high speed switch of transistor and low saturation to press falling characteristic, its efficiency is very tall, theoretic can amount to 100% , can amount to actually 90% . This circuit does not need strict semmetry, also do not need complex dc to slant buy and negative feedback, make stability rises greatly. The pipe that uses same power comsumption is attainable than Jia Yi kind amplifier is 4 times taller the output of power.

J-1 is the principle block diagram of this kind of amplifier, pulse generator generation occupies empty coefficient the quadrature of 50% wave, undertake pulse width modulation to signal of this quadrature wave with frequency signal next (PDM) , get arteries and veins wide the modulation pulse signal that becomes direct ratio with signal extent, this signal sends the power amplifier that is in charge of a composition by switch to undertake pulse power magnifies, the signal repass of output low connect filter to undertake demodulation, get frequency signal drives loudhailer to phonate.

The frequency of pulse signal can ask according to distortion factor and decide, frequency is taller lack fidelity smaller, lead when pulse frequency and frequency frequency compare highestly for 10: 1 when distortion factor is made an appointment with 2% . J-2 is a of this kind of amplifier practical circuit, the friend that have fun at mights as well try do.

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