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Force of fire of lucky graph all places is compositive postpone plan of MP4 navi
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Recently, supplier of map of domestic authoritative electron lucky graph all places and supplier of professional MP4 chip fire force is compositive, the solution of trade of high grade MP4 GPS that announces to roll out powerful recreation function, portable navigation function, low cost together. GPS MP4, not only it is one overturns the revolution of traditional MP4, more important is it will bring brand-new experience and advantage to consumer, enlarge the use group of navigator.

MP4 recreation function is powerful, carry convenient, and recreational function still is expanding further, it is to like fresh, have deep love for a challenge, be fed up with a tradition lifestyle and often mix the three-piece suit with the young indispensable gens of asinine friendly go on a journey (mobile phone, computer, MP4) one of; The consumptive group of GPS navigator, have likewise like fresh, have deep love for a challenge, like to be driven oneself swim wait for a characteristic; This is meant have so a group, they like the joy and fashionable union, band that likes science and technology and individual character, product that likes recreation and practical an organic whole, also meaning GPS MP4 will be a huge potential market.

The GPS MP4 solution with lucky graph all places and fire compositive force, cater to this demand that consumes a group distinctly completely, it is extremely a powerful recreation function, tall portable sex, low cost, practical and map of accurate, authorised edition updates essence of life more the advantage such as stability:

Powerful recreational function: Book of music, film, electron is read, the recreational function such as game all receives bursa in, be not general MP4 to be able to be likened to, at any time and place, recreation is boundless.

Extremely tall portable sex: Bulk is cabinet, carry convenient, can use at the car to carry navigation already, can regard as again hold GPS, at any time and place, search for convenient.

Low cost: Lucky graph all places and fire force are compositive together, produced bilateral advantage adequately, controlled cost of product research and development strictly, highly competitive price will win more user for you.

Practical and essence of life is accurate: GPS navigation function, what raise MP4 greatly is practical, let you go out travel is more convenient, no matter your body is in where, make you relaxed find a cause. Use be famous in beauty of authority of map science and technology praise " way way is connected - confuse edition of your heavenly body " (measure a body for MP4 only custom-built) navigation electron map, can make sure sound program method, essence allows navigation more, do not waste your one second.

Original map updates stabler: Use authorised edition of all places of graph of luck of famous map enterprise " way way is connected - confuse your heavenly body " edition map, good, platform gets used to data stability capability is strong, newest the edition of technical antagonism pilfer that has patent, the product safety that lets you is current.
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