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In illustrate MP3 model " " meaning
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In the model of digital product, the sense that plus place conveys is very clear, we can sense arrives it is some product upgrades the pronoun of edition. And such naming is in among MP3 product means, what be applied is most extensive, do very easily everybody is dazzlingly, cent is not clear the distinction between each other. Cite a few case simply, can be clear about probably clear a lot of.

1, hold high amount to VX898VSVX898

The price: 2GB/199 yuan

Relation: Latter is replaced former

Distinction: Change chip

Promotion: Sigmatel3710 chip brings longer add boat time (70 hours)

2, Newmann SupercardVSSupercard

The price: 2GB/299 yuan

Relation: Replace

Distinction: Increase function of RM direct seeding

Promotion: Video broadcasts a function to get promotion

3, blue demon RM970VSRM970

The price: 4GB/399 yuan

Relation: Replace

Distinction: Increase TV-OUT function

Promotion: Support video output, the function expands further.

4, phonic Yue collects T8VST8

The price: 8GB/699 yuan VS4GB/999 yuan

Relation: Accrete

Distinction: Increase CMMB function

Promotion: Have mobile TV function.

In MP3 product model " " the meaning basically is above namely 4 kinds, concrete analysis do not give the following verdict inaccessibly:

199 yuan or so cheap the product is much in order to change the means of chip, from improve acoustic quality or be the respect such as add boat time promotion product function, similar product still has song beautiful M5 to wait.

299 yuan or so in low end the promotion of the product begins to be in add way thinks on new function, begin technology of RM direct seeding to begin to apply between MP3 product from 2007, to 8 years almost MP3 tastes all homebred video newly to support this function, and old money product to be not washed out by the market, besides reduce this function was added toward contact besides the price, similar product still has Newmann K8, hold high amount to VX989 to wait.

300-500 yuan price is carried in belonging to, the video MP3 of this price can not lack RM function, promotion also needs to go further. This year most the TV-OUT in the MP3 new function that gets attention grabs an eye very, added video to output the choice of numerous home manufacturer then. Congener product is more rich, hold high for instance amount to T50 of report of VX757, stage to wait.

To high-end product the choice increases a CMMB function is the most well-advised choice, let MP3 with one action become mobile TV, can saying to this product is a qualitative leap, of course the price also follows when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation. This kind of product is not at present much still, because the price is high, manufacturer returns meeting reservation to do not have commonly " " the product is sold at the same time.
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