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Wear earphone to hear music time weak point is to enjoy growing is a harm 10
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Citizen week young lady is musical confusing, be free to hear music with respect to the earphone of Dai Qi MP3, still become music sometimes hypnotic, was asleep to still wearing headphone. Can be close she discovers paragraph of time however the sound of MP3 " change " hazy, still tinnitus phenomenon appears, and also return in sensory ear a bit uncomfortable. "Beginning to still think is the problem of MP3 volume, but shift became big,also do not see have improvement. " this ability realizes Miss Zhou may be auditive give an issue! She went to a hospital checking rapidly, the doctor tells her, because the cause of earphone listens for long below large volume,this is.

Miss Zhou tells a reporter, because oneself like to hear music, MP3 is carried very convenient, no matter be to sit bus, shopping still is dull when, want to listen, when sleeping even sometimes, also do not close, when awaking the following day, it still is in broadcast. Like Miss Zhou such music confuses there are plenty of such people. As we have learned, in modern life, have many resembling such youth is used to Miss Zhou to wear earphone for a long time to hear music, get online chat, play game or skip enlighten, long-term " recreation " the nerve ending of the receptor of inner ear hearing that noise affected Miss Zhou young ladies gradually, as time passes can damage audition, cause what cannot go against to damage.

Aurist proposal, contact tall decibel noise to include to adorn everyday earphone, skip enlighten, the time that plays game cannot too long, the time that wears earphone to hear music everyday had better not exceed 1 hour.

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