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Acoustics introduction piece study result puts the collocation with sound box
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Lover of a lot of acoustics, have a fever friendly need solves acoustics to carry out medium problem, the network offerred a kind of such advantage to us. In image sound new era sees a lot of same foundation sexes are interrogative or problem, outside seeking advice except collocation, actually a lot of attribute basic idea problem, I was summed up recently, the buy that serves as here carries a card on the head, when arrival quizs, the hope can look, perhaps can reduce a lot of posts so. Welcome everybody to discuss together, inappropriate place, criticize point out mistakes so that they can be corrected please.

One, about how quizing

This is old topic, a few edition advocate once had offerred also the card that buy has carried them on the head!

Movie theater of family of domestic environment choose and buy (namely much track system) or musical system (namely stereo or Hi-Fi) , when the query, is we hope what is should showing you to systematic expectation? Do you plan how to many money spend to be used at your system? Still be you listen to size of phonic room area? These are queries must element. A few novices that just came, do not know how ask a question, did not concern. I am this to hope everybody is done so, such your problems perhaps by ace people of the answer a few faster. If the query does not have these element, the answer of others is no point to you, without maneuverability.

You most at least should say your problem to be clear about!

See a few friends quiz, can you hit at the back of the title only? The hope does not want such ask a question, this is do not respect to what we work, perhaps explain you lack certain accomplishment. DX people answer a problem to want to make how many word, had you thought? If want to be clear about analytic principle of a foundation makes you clear, the likelihood should say. I am sorry, if very the problem of empty, I do not grant to reply commonly.

(complier adds: Novices should be so bit more floriferous time repairs refine in the dive in forum, this is indispensable homework. Learn acoustics knowledge beforehand, the equipment that knows oneself first is very important. Want to understand acoustics problem to oneself, sound equipment style has an abecedarian to know, just put forward settlement request seriously. Do not come up to ask, ask to think the family tells the answer immediately. )

2, you need what kind of acoustics

You want to establish system of beloved movie theater of family of sound system it may not be a bad idea, listening is main essential factor, it is the subject that all of us wooes forever. But firm contact acoustics and had had the person that listens to phonic experience, to same system, its listen sound experiencing is different, this also must understand. Below different environment, different system is installed and adjusting brought difference also is even apparently very those who comparative is big.

Domestic movie theater and acoustics are consumption of suggestion of a kind of psychology, it is organic demand. Wait to the culture of systematic requirement and each one, idea, experience, environment have very big concern, also be different.
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