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Careful acoustics tries be bored with audition a cat and practical effect drop b
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"Hear the train to set out from left obviously in acoustics inn, surround by what prep as far as winds him a week nearly the effect, can become after redemptive home and common TV phonates the result is similar, working hours grows a dot to still can have broken news a bit. How is this to return a responsibility after all? " the sound equipment that to oneself the flower before a week buys nearly 6000 yuan loses Guiyang citizen Xu Mr Wei suddenly " sounds of nature " the effect is depressed unceasingly, he tells a reporter, oneself discover in the process that seeks advice with all possible means, the citizen that has similar lot is absent unexpectedly a few.

A few days ago, the reporter was taking the doubt of Mr Xu Wei to visit the acoustics bazaar of Guiyang. "You listen, eft ground of 窣 of 窸 窸 窣 climbs from next upgrade, does this feeling climb to go up in him body like unlike? Attention! Animal is blamed to be able to jump to right from your left after 3 seconds, stretch hematic basin is big wail to cry next, the phonic effect of this kind of be personally on the scene lets you hit certainly cold quiver. 3, 2, 1... " in an acoustics shop that is located in fountain, the salesperson is recommending equipment of sound of movie theater of a family sentimentally, and the customer that buys demand is in its passion is incendiary fall to also nod again and again, breathe out repeatedly satisfy a craving. Such setting, nearly 10 acoustics that visit in the reporter are seen at any time almost in brand shop. The Hollywood of be personally on the scene is big seeing and hearing is experienced, can of shake broken flimsy overweight bass and plane take off, the train surrounds, destroy the shock sound effect such as glass, this is the sale killer mace that many Guiyang acoustics sell the home.

"These tried phonic method not to differentiate the stand or fall of an acoustics at all, most consumer can regret after redemptive home. " one is engaged in acoustics sale already turning now for years the personage inside the course of study of travel tells a reporter, acoustics sells the home trying to the client when sound, what use normally is special belt surrounds the DTS disc of acoustical effect, and this kind of disc has not gain ground in home market at present, equipment complement still must be broadcasted with appropriative when broadcasting. Accordingly, drop of effect of the sound when the disc that the client broadcasts him in the home is very big, can have fooled feeling. "Fall since the plane that the businessman dotes on, the shock sound effect such as thunder and bolt is to cannot differentiate actually the noise of bad of acoustic quality actor, use the dispersive client attention to alt stand or fall technically. Some still hides in inn even auxiliary effect sound box, let consumer be in only the ability after buying redemptive home hears actual result. " this personage inside course of study emphasizes saying.

Nevertheless this connoisseur also expresses, differentiate the stand or fall of an acoustics, it is a very professional skill, average consumer is had very hard inside short time. In interview, many citizen expressed the misgiving that when buying acoustics, fears to be duped to the reporter. Miss Liu that lives in big run road says: "Nice sound represented everybody to be opposite the mental demand of high quality life. Professional acoustics industry should invite not professional customer people be at ease and not be to lose confidence, businessman to consumer according to the facts, promoting talent straight-outly is essential. Businessman to consumer according to the facts, promoting talent straight-outly is essential..
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