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Outdoors sound box " knapsack a group of things with common features " taking mu
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The setting that outdoors sound box is born:

Urban person is lamentable, live in the forest of reinforced concrete, breathing the air that can'ts bear muddily, the enormous pressure that bearing to work. Cast off heavy actuating pressure, go breathing the freshest air to field, most loosen oneself thoroughly, already developed the new pursuit that becomes urban person, it is as this thoughts more and more come consensus of place of much city person, outdoors motion becomes nowadays vogue to be bestowed favor on newly with respect to ground of not decline to shoulder a responsibility. In moonlight seaside, ascending a top hardly, in snow region and desert... appeared everywhere " knapsack a group of things with common features " form. Journey is full of hardships, but force lets person or excitement or always one kind is getting drunk, that is, music. Taking music to set out, make the collective wish of outdoors canvasser.

"Knapsack a group of things with common features " still a common name cries " the ass is friendly " , in recent years as people living standard rise and the rise that spirit goes after, "The ass is friendly " the amount shows ascendant trend of year after year, already formed a particular scenery line. And around move all sorts of equipment of asinine friend, also let a person find everything new and fresh, have too many visitors or business to deal with. Be everybody introduction today, it is things of one of outdoors equipment special distinctive- - outdoors sound box.

The problem that outdoors sound box must solve:

Outdoors sound box, gu Mingsai is discussed even if take the sound box that goes using in outdoors environment. In wanting to satisfy outdoors environment, use, must solve a few problems:

1, must portable, volume is minor, do not need power supply, conveniently is hanged on the bag, between the waist;

2, must durable, must omit report, with satisfying the need that uses for long;

3, must bear fruit, can get used to all sorts of difficult environments such as freezing, drench, beat;

4, must have nice voice, it is on the high mountain in the forest, want to have the first-rate effect that transmit sound, volume is large, acoustic quality is good.

Common sense of choose and buy of outdoors sound box:

Outdoors sound box, the technology that is multimedia sound box upgrades product, compare with traditional sound box photograph, the design demand of outdoors sound box is higher. Want to make fine acoustic quality in relatively cabinet bulk, not easy, besides satisfies the need of all sorts of harsh environments even. And these requirements, do not have new technology propping up cannot be achieved, accordingly, outdoors sound box is most of actual strength of test manufacturer technology. Current, the good and evil people mixed up of outdoors sound box on the market, the good and bad are intermingled, how can consumer just borrow a pair a mind which perceives both past and future, choose first-rate outdoors sound box? The author offers a few proposals to everybody:
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